DM Financial Solutions specializes in working with self-employed people, their business partners, employees and their families to help protect all that they have worked so hard to build and achieve. You put a great deal of time into planning your business, let us help you create a financial plan that that will protect your current and future needs.

These plans are developed through a close relationship with you.

Unlike some "financial planners" who are "experts" on every aspect associated with financial planning, DM Financial Solutions focuses on two areas:  First, we create a plan that will help guide you and that you can work with. Second, we work with you to design an appropriate defensive plan (Life, Critical Illness, Disability and Lon g Term Care insurance protection) for your business, family and business partners.

We offer a range of products including: mortgage, life, critical illness, income replacement and long term care insurance. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, we provide referrals to investment advisors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals to help provide the best service in each individual area.

We also specialize in providing unique financial solutions for people with Diabetes.

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