We work with you to provide the following solutions:

Business Solutions


Key Person Insurance
Mitigates financial losses caused by death, disability, or critical illness of a key employee. Losses incurred due to interruption of key business activities, hiring and training a replacement, salary continuation, and/or other related causes can be offset or recovered through these types of solutions. (Learn More)

Debt Insurance
Business owners can find themselves in situations where they are required to take on a level of debt in order to build or expand their business

Buy / Sell Funding
If you have a business with more than one shareholder, a buy / sell agreement is usually a standard legal document that is completed. Unfortunately, most people do not have funding to fulfill the agreement. We can help you in this area.
Group Benefits


Personal Solutions

Financial Planning and Diabetes
Being a Diabetic provides many challenges, don’t let finances be one of them. (Learn More)

Mortgage and debt insurance
Lending institutions provide insurance coverage for themselves, not for your family needs! Make sure you have the proper protection that protects you and your family, not the lending institution. (Learn More)

Income Replacement Options
Group benefits through work are not always enough. Make sure your income is protected. (Learn More)