David Moulds, Certified Financial Planner®

Everyone has a unique perspective on how to invest or handle money.

With so much conflicting information available, you may find it difficult to choose what will work best for you. DM Financial Solutions is an independent investment advisory firm with a mission to serve our clients, their families, and our communities.

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It all starts with listening

As an independent financial advisor, DM Financial Solutions isn’t tied to a specific investment provider or bank. We listen to your personal situation and can provide unbiased advice to meet your individual needs.

We’ll continue to work together, monitoring the progress of your investments, and providing suggestions to help protect your greatest assets.

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About David Moulds, Certified Financial Planner®

At the age of three, I was diagnosed as an insulin dependent Diabetic. At 16, my grandmother decided to teach her grandchildren how the financial markets worked. She did this by purchasing shares in a Canadian Bank and told me that I could have this gift if I “kept at least 1 share”.

At 19, I witnessed a business owning family go through the loss of their son – my friend.

Life provides all kinds of twists and turns that we don’t ever imagine will ever happen to ourselves or those close to us. It’s uncomfortable to talk about, but these things DO happen.

I specialize in working together with great people, their families and the people that make their businesses go to ensure:

  • You don’t have to receive financial support through crowd funding because of significant changes in health.
  • The money you can’t afford to lose is well protected.
David works with you and your other professional advisors to create a plan that will get you to where you want to be; despite the challenges and changes occurring in the future.